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Digital technology is an integral part of the teaching and learning experience with FOSS Next Generation. FOSSweb is the Internet access to FOSS digital resources. FOSSweb provides teachers/administrators with pedagogical support and both teachers and students access to resources that were specifically designed or chosen to complement the FOSS active investigations. As a guest on FOSSweb, you can review a FOSSweb and Technology Chapter for a full list of resources that is offered on FOSSweb. As a guest, navigate to the Scope & Sequence page, select a module, click on Go to Module Detail, and find the chapter under Teacher Resources.

As a district administrator, decide how best to implement FOSSweb in your district. The document, For Administrators: A Decision-Making Guide for Implementing FOSSweb will provide you information on the various ways to implement FOSSweb so you can make the best choice for your district. Please refer to our Tech Specs and Info page on FOSSweb and work with your IT department to be sure that your system meets the minimum technical requirements.

SIS (Student Information System) districts, where FOSSweb accounts for teachers, classes, and individual students are district-created, should refer to the FOSSweb District SIS Administrator User Guide document for help in managing this process. If you are the Primary Administrator in charge of this process, you will need to have your administrator login credentials for FOSSweb. Obtain your credentials from the School Specialty SIS Administrator by selecting “Rostering issue or request” from the “Issue or Category” pull-down menu on the Contact Us page.

Self-registering teacher districts, where teachers create their own accounts and Class Pages, will need to know how teachers register for an account, activate their module access codes, and manage students. Frequently asked questions for self-registered teachers can be found on FOSSweb under Updates and Help, Website Help. Please note that in order for students to access the student-facing resources, a teacher must set up a Class Page that students login to. For K–2 students we recommend that there is a common class login. For grades 3–8, teachers should create individual student accounts. More information for setting up class pages and student access, navigate to Updates & Help, FOSSweb Walk-through Videos and PDFs, “FOSSweb Self-Registered Teacher User Guide.”

Assessment via FOSSmap (See Tool #7 for more on FOSS Assessment.)

FOSSmap is FOSS’ online assessment system and is accessed through FOSSweb for both students and teachers. For details on how to assign an assessment, student access to FOSSmap, and how to make the best use of the reports generated by FOSSmap, navigate to Updates & Help, FOSSweb Walk-through Videos and PDFs. Look for the resources under FOSSmap User.

The FOSS support team is here to help you have a successful science teaching experience including the use of, your portal for FOSS program digital resources. Contact Us using the menu Connecting with FOSS on FOSSweb.

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