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Earth History
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EX: A Grand Canyon Time Clock Animation
Remote Learning Videos
Inv. 1.2: Study the Grand Canyon Poster
Inv. 1.2: Begin Grand Canyon Rock Observations
Inv. 1.2: Complete Observations
Inv. 1.3: Organize Rock Samples in Columns
Inv. 1.3: Refer to the Cross-Section Poster
Inv. 2.1: Start the Stream Table
Inv. 2.1: Add Food Coloring
Inv. 2.2: Start The Class Demonstration Basin
Inv. 2.2: Review Sandstone
Inv. 2.2: Observe and Record the Results of Sand Making
Inv. 2.2: Introduce Sand Analysis
Inv. 2.2: Show the Bottle of Water
Inv. 2.3: Break Up Sample and Observe
Inv. 2.3: Observe Vials
Inv. 3.1: Consider the Class Basin
Inv. 3.1: Compare Sand and Sandstone
Inv. 3.1: Relate to the Grand Canyon
Inv. 3.1: Compare Sandstone and Shale
Inv. 3.2: Model Tilted Rock Layers
Inv. 3.2: Examine Rocks and Review Prior Observations
Inv. 3.2: Conduct the Investigation
Inv. 3.2: Decant the Liquid/Test with Acid
Inv. 3.2: Test Shells with Acid
Inv. 3.3: Add a Layer to the Class Basin
Inv. 3.3: Ask About Tilted Layers
Inv. 4.1: Identify New Fossils
Inv. 4.1: Activate Prior Knowledge About Colorado Plateau Rocks
Inv. 5.2: Start the Investigation
Inv. 6.2: Look at the Africa and South America Continent Pieces
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