Organism Source

Organism Source For FOSS Middle School Courses

Module Organism Quantity Source Organism Coupon from Delta
Diversity of Life Euglena   A B K No
  Paramecia   A B K No
  Amobae   A B K No
  Elodea Sprigs 16 A B F K L Yes
  Mixed Flagellates   A B K No
  Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches 16 A B D K L Yes
Populations and Ecosystems Milkweed Bugs, 270-4380 30 A B K L Yes
  Duckweed 2 oz. jar A B F K L Yes
  Earthworms 50 A B E L Yes
  Scuds (Gammarus sp.) 50 A B K L Yes
  Guppies 26 A B F K L Yes
  Isopods 50 A B C K L Yes
  Snails, aquatic 50 A B F K L Yes
  Land Snails (optional) 24 C L No
  Tubifex worms (optional) 1/2 oz. jar B F L No



A= Delta

G= feed store
B=Biological Supply companies H=Fish market
C=Collect your own I=supermarket
D=Pet store J=Nursery
E=Bait Store K=Culture your own
F= Aquarium supply L=Recycle class to class