Organism Source  

Organism Source For FOSS CA Edition Modules

Module Organism Quantity Source Organism Coupon from Delta
Trees Small Tree   J No
Animals Two by Two Guppies (feeders) 8 A B D F K L Yes
  Goldish (feeders) 4 A B D F K L Yes
  Land Snails 20 C L No
  Aquatic Snails 12 A B D F L Yes
  Elodea (Anacharis) 6 A B D F L Yes
  Redworms 30 A B E L Yes
  Night crawlers 12 A B E L


  *Pill bugs 25 A B C L Yes
  *Sow Bugs 25 A B C L Yes
Plants and Animals Plants for Cuttings   C I J No
  Seeds (alfalfa, rye grass, wheat, oat)   A B G J No
  Onion starts or garlic (bulbs)   I J No
Insects and Plants Mealworms (darkling beetle larvae) 200 A B D E K Yes
  Brassica Seeds   A B L No
  Milkweed Bug eggs 75 A B K Yes
  Silkworm Eggs 50 A B K Yes
  Painted Lady Butterfly larvae 5 A B K Yes
  *Pill bugs 25 A B C L Yes
  *Sow Bugs 25 A B C L Yes
Structures of Life Land snails 20 C L No
Crayfish and Elodea (Anacharis) 12 A B C D E F H L Yes
  Seeds (bean, corn, pea, sunflower)   A B I J Yes
  Bess Beetles   A B No
Environments Seeds (corn, clover, radish, pea)   A B I J No
  Barley (salt tolerant)   A B No
  Darkling beetles 50 A B L


  Isopods (pill bugs and/or sow bugs) 25 each A B C L Yes
  Goldfish 20 A B E G L Yes
  Elodea (anacharis) 12 A B D F L


  Duckweed jar A B L Yes
  Aquatic snails 50 A B D F K L Yes
  Amphipods Gammarus 50 A B Yes
  Brine Shrimp Eggs   A B F L No



A= Delta

G= feed store
B=Biological Supply companies H=Fish market
C=Collect your own I=supermarket
D=Pet store J=Nursery
E=Bait Store K=Culture your own
F= Aquarium supply L=Recycle class to class