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End-of-School-Year Update June 12, 2020

Dear FOSS teachers and family,

We hope this email finds you healthy and settling into your summer vacation - or are very near the finish line - after an intense and unprecedented school year. We know that districts, schools, teachers, and families are all wondering what to expect in School Year 2020-2021.

The FOSS team will be working hard this summer to make sure you have tools in hand as you return to the classroom this fall. We are creating digital content to support FOSS instruction at times when hands-on learning may not be possible, even if that extends through your entire school year, and we are creating additional tools to support instruction.

We will release new resources on FOSSweb starting in July and August 2020, along with webinars you can attend to learn about distance-learning support and to ask questions of the FOSS developers.

We look forward to connecting with you later in the summer, and we wish you a restful and calm summer break.

COVID-19 Update as of June 4, 2020

The FOSS team is here to support you and other educators during school closures. While no online learning can replace the hands-on science at the core of the FOSS program, the FOSS developers hope that the resources on FOSSweb including new Home/School Connections will provide engaging science experiences for students at home.

The FOSSweb login page has been revised so that non-registered teachers, students, and families can link directly to the Home/School Connection Center. This doesn’t, however, provide full access to FOSSweb resources available on the student page, but does provide access to the downloadable PDFs for home activities. Only registered teachers and students with user names and access codes have full access.

Time spent outdoors can reduce stress and depression for children and adults. If your region is still allowing outdoor social-distancing, encourage your students and their families to participate in this outdoor adventure as a family unit. Here is the downloadable Everyday Outside Challenge in English or Spanish and Everyday Outside Challenge for Middle School you may have seen on FOSS Facebook.

Recordings of webinars detailing what resources are available, where they are located, and suggestions for use are available for Grades K-5 and Grades 6-8.

As of June 25 there are new Home/School Connections activities on FOSSweb for:

  • All Next Generation and Second Edition courses grades 6–8 (short and long-term projects)
  • All Next Generation modules grades 3–5 through Investigation 4 or Investigation 5, where applicable (updated April 17)
  • All Next Generation modules Grade 1-2 through Investigation 4 (updated May 15)
  • All Next Generation modules K modules, through Investigation 4 (updated May 1)
  • Activities Using the Career Database for Science and Engineering (added May 1)
  • Selected Third Edition modules grades K–5
  • Lo-tech activities for all investigations in Grades K-2 (updated May 8)
  • All Math Extensions Next Generation grades 1–5 (English and Spanish)
  • Spanish translations of Home/School Connections for grades K–8 (more added June 25)
  • Two FOSS 5-day lesson plans for grades 5–8 on science of COVID-19 (updated May 8)
  • Everyday Outdoor Challenge for Elementary and Middle School (posted April 17)

All Home/School Connections have been posted for the Next Generation K-8 course/modules. We will continue to post Spanish PDFs until all Home/School Connections have been covered. We recommend that teachers and families use Home/School activities from ALL the modules at a grade level during school closures.

The FOSS developers hope that this downloadable guide (4/03/2020) and Google Classroom support document (5/15/2020), along with the resources on FOSSweb can support you in navigating instruction during this challenging time. In addition, teachers of grades 5-8 may want to assign students new FOSS Science of COVID-19 5-day lesson plans (05/08/2020). Lesson 1 is available in English and in Spanish. Lesson 2 is available in English or Spanish.

In this difficult time, we have made it possible for all students to access the eBooks on FOSSweb.

For Rostered Districts (Clever, Classlink, OneRoster)

Content for rostered schools and districts is enabled and assigned during the onboarding process. If your students do not have access to eBooks, please contact your District IT Administrator or your Curriculum Coordinator.

For Self-Registered Teachers
  • Make sure your students have access to FOSSweb. If they do not, set up a class page following the instructions on the Walk-through Videos on FOSSweb.
  • If your district does not have student eBook access, use the access code on the Teacher Homepage banner for access to the Next Generation courses and modules. The code is valid through December, 2020. Enter this code from the green "Activate Your Access Code" button on the upper right corner of your Teacher page.
  • Check to see if your students have access by logging in to the class page, selecting a module and verifying that you see the eBooks listed in the "Media Library" section.
  • If you need to share instructions with your students on how to login, you can copy and paste this link ( for the instructional video on student login. You can send the link through your school's usual communication tool.

The latest updates and news of FOSSweb

Latest content updates on FOSSweb

The latest updates on FOSSweb by date:


  • FOSS Phenomena Storylines added as front matter to the following PDF-based eInvestigation Guides:
    • Earth and Sun
    • Water and Climate
  • FOSS Phenomena Storylines added as front matter to the following PDF-based eInvestigation Guides:
    • Energy
    • Plants and Animals
  • The interactive eBooks are now supported through the FOSS eBooks Android app on certain Chromebooks. You can find more information on the Interactive eBook App Information page in each module.

FOSS Phenomena Storylines added as front matter to the following PDF-based eInvestigation Guides:

  • Materials and Motion
  • Mixtures and Solution
  • Motion and Matter
  • Soils, Rocks, and Landforms
  • Sound and Light

Latest technical updates on FOSSweb
  • The automatic inactivity time-out has been increased from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.
Coding guide update for school year 2019-20

Assessment masters and coding guides for Next Generation Grs. 3-8 modules and courses have been updated for the 2019-2020 school year. Teachers need to download the most current assessment masters and coding guides from FOSSweb.

The assessment masters and coding guides for Next Generation Grade 2 will be available on 8/16/19.

FOSSweb Walkthrough Videos

For tutorials on FOSSweb registration, activating modules, and creating class accounts, visit our FOSSweb Walkthrough Videos page.

Previous Updates
  • Rube Goldberg Burglar Catcher in the Next Generation Motion and Matter module has been updated from Flash to HTML5.
  • KML files for use on the browser-based Google Earth have been added for the following tours in the Next Generation Earth History course:
    • Appalachian Mountain Tour
    • Hawaii Field Trip
    • Mountain Card Locations
    • Pacific Northwest Tour
  • Slideshows have been created to replace the following Image Galleries:
    • Insects and Plants and Populations and Ecosystems: Milkweed Bug Life Cycle
    • Insects and Plants: Brassica Plant Experiments
    • Insects and Plants: Marigold Images
    • Insects and Plants: Interesting Insects
  • Week 3 Home/School Connections for Grades 3-5 Next Generation and Third Edition Modules.
  • Week 2 Home/School Connections for Grades 1-2 Next Generation and Third Edition Modules.
  • Lo-tech Activities for the following modules:
    • Materials and Motion (Next Generation)
    • Materials in our World (Third Edition)
    • Plants and Animals (Next Generation and Third Edition)
    • Insects and Plants (Next Generation and Third Edition)
  • Spanish translations of middle school Home/School Connections for all Next Generation and Second Edition Middle School courses. (Earth History coming soon.)
  • New COVID-19 lesson plan for Next Generation Grades 5-8 courses and modules.
  • Week 4 Home/School Connections for Grades 3-5 Next Generation and Third Edition Modules.
  • Week 1 Spanish added for the following Grades K-2 modules:
    • Animals Two by Two (Next Generation and Third Edition)
    • Materials and Motion (Next Generation)
    • Materials in our World (Third Edition)
    • Plants and Animals (Next Generation and Third Edition)
    • Air and Weather (Next Generation and Third Edition)
    • Insect and Plants (Next Generation and Third Edition)
    • Pebbles, Sand, and Silt (Next Generation and Third Edition)
  • Updated Home/School PDFs for Second Edition Middle School courses.
  • New Outside Everyday Challenge for Middle School PDF
  • New tutorial for Interactive Student eBooks. The tutorial is located on the FOSSweb Walkthrough Video page.
  • New Pre-K module: Observing Nature is now available.
  • New activities for Using the Science and Engineering Careers Database
  • Week 3 and Week 4 for Grade K modules
  • Week 3 for Grades 1 and 2 modules
  • Individual Spanish Teacher Masters and Notebook Sheets added to Next Generation Middle School courses. Spanish PDFs are located in the Resources by Investigation.
  • Recommended books for Investigations 2-5 added to Pre-K module, Observing Nature
  • Next Generation Heredity and Adaptation multimedia, Cladogram, has been updated to eliminate new browser tabs from opening on a click.
  • The Mr. Bones activity in Next Generation Structures of Life has been updated with new graphics and improved interactivity.
  • Virtual Aquarium and Virtual Terrarium activities have been updated to fix an error on some older Chromebooks.
  • Individual Spanish-version notebook sheets and teacher masters have been added to Next Generation K-5 modules with the exception of Environments module (coming soon).
  • A new engineering activity has been added to Next Generation Plants and Animals, Investigation 3, Part 1.