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Latest content updates on FOSSweb

The latest updates on FOSSweb by date:


  1. Next Generation grades 3-8 assessment masters and coding guides have been updated for the 2019-2020 school year
  2. Alternative Investigation 3: Meet the Hissing Cockroach for Structures of Life Next Generation
    For states that cannot have crayfish shipped to their classrooms, there is an alternative to Investigation 3: Meet the Crayfish. For more information, please see the Important Module Updates for Structures of Life.
  3. Updated teaching slides for Next Generation (©2018) Grades 4 and 5. The ©2018 Teaching Slides have been updated to include additional images and limited interactivity and have now replaced the previous version that was on FOSSweb. The updated slides are still editable should a teacher wish to modify them to fit the needs of his/her class.
  4. Captions and transcripts added to Variables and Design Next Generation teacher prep videos.
  5. Updated Engineering Opportunities in grades 6-8 to include Variables and Design Next Generation. The document can be found on Standards Connections.
  1. Spanish resources for Variables and Design Next Generation :
    • Science Resources book
    • Notebook Masters and Answers
    • Teacher Masters
    • Assessment Masters and Coding Guide
    • Teaching Slides
    • Vocabulary sheets
    • Word Wall Cards
  2. New Spanish teaching slides for Next Generation Grades 1 and 5. Spanish teaching slides are available for all Next Generation K-8 modules/courses.
  3. New recommended books. Updated Next Generation and Third Edition book lists available on the Science-Centered Language information page.
  1. New Next Generation Variables and Design Interactive eInvestigations Guide
  2. Addition of Adminstrators' Toolbox to Implementation Tools in the top menu
Latest technical updates on FOSSweb


  • Updates to class deletion for self-registered teachers. Going forward, when you delete a class in FOSSweb, the class will be “termed out” or archived in FOSSmap. This will prevent the class from showing up on the list of classes to which a teacher can assign assessments while still giving the teacher read-only access to any assessment data from that class.
    • When attempting to delete a class, self-registered teachers now receive dual warnings communicating the implications of deletion on assessment data. The user must confirm to continue deletion.
    • If teachers have open assignments for a deleted class, the teacher must go into FOSSmap and manually deactivate the assessment, otherwise this assessment will continue to show up in their current reporting data. This can be done by going to Online Testing > Review/Grade Online Tests and then scrolling down to the assessment in question and clicking the red and white “deactivate” icon.
  • Session timeout has been changed to 30 minutes to meet mandatory security requirements from some FOSS districts and to follow information security best practices.
    • Made cosmetic changes to the timeout banner and message.
    • Made cosmetic and verbiage changes to the “No Access” page that users encounter if they have been timed out of the site due to inactivity.
  • When students click on “FOSSmap” to access online assessments, FOSSmap will no longer open in a new tab and will instead open in the current tab. This resolves an issue with cookies not tracking properly and preventing access to the site.
Coding guide update for school year 2019-20

Assessment masters and coding guides for Next Generation Grs. 3-8 modules and courses have been updated for the 2019-2020 school year. Teachers need to download the most current assessment masters and coding guides from FOSSweb.

The assessment masters and coding guides for Next Generation Grade 2 will be available on 8/16/19.

FOSSweb Walkthrough Videos

For tutorials on FOSSweb registration, activating modules, and creating class accounts, visit our FOSSweb Walkthrough Videos page.

Previous Updates
  1. (From 2/5/19) Student Access for Tutorials and Virtual Investigations has been changed. Teachers now must assign the tutorials and virtual investigations to individual students or classes before students can access them. Teachers can assign these activities through the "Assign content" functionality. For more help, view the "Assigning Content" on the Walk-Through Videos and PDFs page.
  2. New interactive eInvestigations Guides for the Next Generation © 2018/19 Grades 1-5 for the following modules:
    • Grade 1
      • Air and Weather
      • Plants and Animals
      • Sound and Light
    • Grade 2
      • Insects and Plants
      • Pebbles, Sand, and Silt
      • Solids and Liquids
    • Grade 3
      • Motion and Matter
      • Structures of Life
      • Water and Climate
    • Grade 4
      • Energy
      • Environments
      • Soils, Rocks, and Landforms
    • Grade 5
      • Earth and Sun
      • Mixtures and Solutions
      • Mixtures and Solutions
  1. New Grades 5-8 STEM course, Variables and Design, is now available.
  2. Spanish Coding Guides are now available for Next Generation Grades 3-8 modules and courses. Coding guides can be found under Teacher Resources>>Assessment node on each Next Gen course/module page on FOSSweb.
  3. Teaching slides now available for:
    • © 2018 Grade 5 Next Generation modules.
    • © 2018 Grade K Next Generation modules.
    • © 2015 version of all Next Generation Grs. 1-5 modules.
  4. FOSS and ELD Planning Guide is available for California users. The ELD lesson planner template referenced in the ELD chapter is also available under Teacher Resources>>Planning Guide and Other State Resources node on each K-8 Next Gen course/module page on FOSSweb.
  5. Flipping book versions of the NGSS Three-Dimensional Learning documents (Science and Engineering Practices, Crosscutting Concepts and Sense-Making Discussions for Three-Dimensional Learning) available.
  1. New interactive eInvestigations Guides for the Next Generation © 2018/19 Grade K modules:
    • Animals Two by Two
    • Materials and Motion
    • Trees and Weather
    All Next Generation Grades K-5 modules now have Interactive eInvestigations Guides © 2018/19.
  2. Teaching slides now available for:
    • © 2018 Grade 4 Next Generation modules.
    Teaching slides © 2018 are available for Grades K, 4 and 5 Next Generation modules.
  1. Spanish Resources for the following Next Gen Middle School Resources:
    • Earth History Geoscenarios
    • Heredity and Adaptation Genetic Technology Resources
  2. A new Contact Us form
  3. For California users a new ELD Planning Tool. This resources is located with the Planning Guide and other state resources.
  1. Teaching slides now available for © 2018 Next Generation Grades 2-3 modules. Teaching slides are available for Grades K and 2-5.
  2. Spanish translations available for Next Generation and Second Editions Middle School Populations and Ecosystems multimedia, Ecosystems.
  1. Separate teacher and student log in tabs have been replaced with a single "User Login" tab. All users (teachers, common classes, and individual students) use this one login.
  1. New teaching slides for Next Generation Grade 1 modules. Teaching slides are now available for Grades K-8.
  1. New Spanish teaching slides for Grade 4 Next Generation modules.
    • Energy
    • Soils, Rocks, and Landforms
    • Environments
  2. Resources by Investigations for Grs. 1-5 Next Generation modules are updated to include the © 2018 Next Generation teaching slides in place of the © 2015 interactive white board files.
  3. Updated coding guides for the interim assessments in Next Generation Grs. 3-5 modules. If students take the interim assessments on FOSSmap, you will need to enter a numerical code, rather than the current text to code each item. For example, if you think the student's response "meets standards" you will enter a "3" when you code the item in FOSSmap.

    Currently, students can take the interim assessments on FOSSmap, but the full set of reports are still under construction. More interim assessments, to provide a complete set to match the PEs at each grade level are under development, so look for new ones next school year!
  1. New Spanish teaching slides for Grade 3 Next Generation modules
    • Motion and Matter
    • Structures of Life
    • Water and Climate
  2. New Interactive eBook for Next Generation Variables and Design course
  3. New Family and Community page with FAQs for K-8 families and community members
  4. Updated FOSSweb District-Registered Teacher User Guide