FOSS Course Summary

Course Summary – Human Systems Interactions

Life is a complex of interactions; human life is no exception. The basis of the human body is the cell. Associations of cells work together to form tissues, which form organs. Organs work together to perform specific functions in organ systems. And finally, the array of organ systems make up a human body.

Middle school students are prepared to explore how organ systems interact to support each and every cell in the body. What happens when the body is attacked by an invader or an organ system malfunctions? How do cells get the resources they need to live? How do cells gain access to the energy stored in energy-rich compounds? How do systems support the human organism as it senses and interacts with the environment?

FOSS Human Systems Interactions is a 5-week course that can be bundled with the FOSS Diversity of Life Course or used as a stand-alone course.

For a description of each investigation in Human Systems Interactions and the correlations to the Next Generation Science Standards, download the Human Systems Course Overview PDF.

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