Air and Weather – Module Notes and Updates

Module Teaching Notes
Guidelines for Printing Focus Questions on Labels
Because not all printers are the same, here are instructions on adjusting column margins to get the focus questions to print correctly on labels.
Interactive eBooks on iPad Browsers
In order to have all the links work in the interactive eBooks in the Next Generation K-5 modules in a browser on an iPad, you need to allow pop-ups in the browser.
  • To allow pop-ups on Safari, go to the "Settings" app on the iPad. Locate the Safari settings. Under the General section of the Safari settings, make sure "Block Pop-ups" is off.
  • For other browsers on the iPad, go to "Settings" within the browser, located under the menu in the left corner of the browser. For Chrome, the pop-up blocker settings are under "Content Settings." For Firefox, the settings are under the Settings main window.
  • As an alternative, you can download and use the FOSS eBooks app on an iPad. This page provides more information on obtaining the app.

Science Notebook Index Templates
Below are downloadable PDFs of science notebook index templates that can be printed for students to insert into their notebooks. Consider how much room your students will need to write when selecting a template.

Four-page index template. This index has 6 to 8 letters per page. Works well for grades K-2.
Two-page index template. This index has 12 to 14 letter per page. Works well for grades 3-8.
One-page index template. This index has all the letters on one page. Works well for grades 3-8.

For more information on using these index sheets with notebooks, see page 10 of the FOSS Science Notebooks in Grades K-2, page 9 of the FOSS Science Notebooks in Grades 3-6, or page 11 of the FOSS Science Notebooks in Middle School.
Important Module Updates
Coding Guide Updates for 2018-2019 School Year
Assessment coding guides will change as updates are made. No reprints will be made for existing customers. Teachers need to download the most current assessment masters and coding guides from FOSSweb.
Investigation 4.3 – Teacher Preparation Video Discrepancy
The Teacher Preparation Video for Investigation 4.3 was based on Air and Weather Third Edition, Investigation 4.3. The video references Teacher Masters 29 and 30, "Precipitation Record – Centimeters" and "Precipitation Record – Inches" respectively, which are not used in Air and Weather Next Generation. Please disregard this portion of the Teacher Preparation Video.
SMART Functionality
In the most recent update to the SMART Notebook software, SMART no longer supports the use of Flash files within a SMART Notebook file. FOSS developed the vocabulary review pages using Flash files, so these pages will no longer function as designed. If you use the SMART Notebook version of the interactive whiteboard files, please review vocabulary with your students using an alternate method and skip the vocabulary review page in the SMART file.