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Registering For FOSSweb

Registering on FOSSweb

Welcome to the account registration process. You will have an opportunity to create an account in the School Specialty user management system.

Note: You may already have a user account in the School Specialty user management system if you currently purchase from If so, you can use that username and password to log in and do NOT have to complete this registration process.

Students and Parents: Use the class account or individual student account set up by your teacher. You must login with a class or student account to use all available resources. Contact your teacher for your account information. Alternatively, you can visit as a Guest user, though access to resources is limited.

Teachers: All teachers, except those who have been registered by their district, will need to create a FOSSweb account, login, and enter an access code for access to FOSS resources. See below for more information on access codes.

What will you do with my personal information?

The information we collect will only be used to establish your user account. Personal information will not be used for marketing purposes unless you ask to receive product information. Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

You can also download a PDF walk-through of the registration and access code process. Or visit our FOSSweb Walk-Through video page.

Access Codes
Your access code unlocks module specific resources for teachers.

Next Generation K-8, Third Edition Elementary, Second Edition Middle School and Texas Edition Teachers:
You will find your access code on the inside cover of your Investigations Guide.

If you are using older FOSS editions, you can contact for access codes. You should receive a response within 24 hours (business day).

Premium Code (Optional)
If you have a premium code, you can enter it at any time using the green "Activate Your Access Code" button. You do not need to have entered a basic code before entering a premium code.
Learn more about premium content.