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Registering For FOSSweb

Getting Started With FOSSweb

Ready to get started with FOSSweb?

Students and Parents: Visit as a Guest user or use the class account set up by your teacher. You must login with a class account to use all available resources. Contact your teacher for your account information.

Teachers: Get started after following 3 easy steps!

Have additional questions? Check out the FOSSweb Help pages for further questions.

You can also download a PDF walk through of the registration and access code process. Or visit our FOSSweb walk-through video page.

Register for an account on the new FOSSweb!

All teachers will need to create a FOSSweb account.

Access Code
Log in to and click the green "Activate Your Access Code" button to enter your access code. Your access code unlocks module specific resources for teachers.

Third Edition Elementary, Second Edition and Next Generation Middle School, Texas Edition, and Next Generation Edition Teachers:
You will find your access code on the inside cover of your Investigations Guide.

Second Edition Elementary, First Edition Middle School, California Edition, and New York City Teachers:
If you are using older FOSS editions, you can contact for access codes. You should receive a response within 24 hours (business day).

Premium Code (Optional)
If you have a premium code, you can enter it at any time using the green "Activate Your Access Code" button. You do not need to have entered a basic code before entering a premium code.
Learn more about premium content.