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Hello teachers:

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The FOSS team is here to support educators during this unprecedented school year. To plan your FOSS instruction:

The rest of this page contains optional resources and extensions you can use as additional at-home opportunities for students while they are engaging in remote or blended learning.

    Download a copy of the Heredity and Adaptations Home/School Connection PDF in English or Spanish.This document contains optional activities that students can engage with at home during the Heredity and Adaptations course.

  • COVID-19 Assignments. FOSS developed two 5-day lesson plans about the novel virus SARS-CoV-2 for you to use with science students in grades 5-8.

    NOTE: These lessons were developed in March and April 2020, and some of the science is updated. You can use these lessons if you note the date and discuss updates with students. FOSS will release an updated version later in Fall 2020.

    These lessons are suitable for students who have reliable Internet access at home. If students do not have home access to technology, see the documents for suggested modifications.

    Lesson 1 (in English or Spanish) is divided into 5 different topics.

    1. What is a virus?
    2. How does SARS-CoV-19 spread in humans?
    3. What is exponential growth?
    4. What do we know and not know about SARS-CoV-19?
    5. What are scientists doing to stop SARS-CoV-19?

    Lesson 2 (in English or Spanish) is divided into 5 different topics.

    1. Research updates from April 2020
    2. Treating the disease: COVID-19 antiviral treatments
    3. Preventing the disease: SARS-CoV-2 vaccine
    4. Profile of Dr. Corbett
    5. Using models to think about what's next

  • Everyday Outside Challenge. Time spent outdoors can reduce stress and depression for children and adults. If your region is still allowing outdoor social-distancing, encourage your students and their families to participate in this outdoor adventure as a family unit. Here is the downloadable Everyday Outside Challenge for Middle School, in English and Spanish.

  • Activities for Using FOSS Career Database for Science and Engineering (updated 4/30/2020)

    Download suggestions for using the FOSS Career Database for Science and Engineering in Home/School activities in English or Spanish (coming soon).

Information about the Interactive eBooks App

The FOSS Science Resources Interactive eBook(s) html version can be viewed through an appropriate browser after logging in to FOSSweb. In addition, the FOSS Science Resources Interactive eBook(s) can be downloaded and viewed through the FOSS eBooks app. Install the FOSS eBooks app and download each FOSS Science Resources Interactive eBook onto any devices that you will be using. An Interactive eBook tutorial is available to share with students.

  1. To download the FOSS eBooks app for your device, please click the appropriate link and follow the steps to install.

    Click the appropriate link for your device to download the FOSS eBooks app and follow the steps below to install.

    iOS devices:

    Android devices:

    Get it on Google Play
  2. Once the FOSS eBooks app is downloaded, log into the app using the same username and password provided by the teacher to log in to FOSSweb.

  3. Select which FOSS Science Resources Interactive eBook(s) you want to access through the app and download. Each book will take between 200-400 mB of file space on your device.