Teaching Slide Resources

FOSS Plants and Animals (© 2015) Teaching Slides

FOSS has developed teaching slides for FOSS Next Generation edition modules. The teaching slides can be easily modified to match your instructional needs; they can be used as Google slides, but you may need to make some formatting adjustments.

In addition, FOSS has developed interactive whiteboard resources for the © 2015 FOSS Next Generation Edition module. These include Promethean ActivInspire Flipcharts and SMART Notebooks.

Teaching slides are not intended to replace the FOSS Investigations Guide, which provides much greater detail for instruction. Each slide refers to the step number in the lower left so you can easily reference your Investigations Guide as you use the slides.


*Software Downloads and Using Files Without a Whiteboard

You do not necessarily need to have the hardware (interactive whiteboard) to use these resources. They can be used in the classroom as long as you have a computer, LCD projector, and the necessary software to open the files.

In order to access the teaching slides, you will need an appropriate application, such as MS PowerPoint. If, as a teacher, you are using a Chromebook, you can use Google Slides, but you may need to make some formatting adjustments.

To use the Promethean ActivInspire flipcharts, download and install free software from Promethean. Download Promethean Personal Edition.

To use the SMART Notebooks, download and install the basic software from SMART. Download the SMART Notebook basic version or access the SMART files using the SMART Notebook Express web portal.

Important Note on SMART Functionality

In the most recent update to the SMART Notebook software, SMART no longer supports the use of Flash files within a SMART Notebook file. FOSS developed the vocabulary review pages using Flash files, so these pages will no longer function as designed. If you use the SMART Notebook version of the interactive whiteboard files, please review vocabulary with your students using an alternate method and skip the vocabulary review page in the SMART file.