FOSSmap: Formative assessment made easy and efficient!

The FOSSmap program will make it easy and efficient for you to use the FOSS assessment system.

Note: Before using FOSSmap, make sure you download the latest assessments (Assessment Masters) and coding guides (Assessment Chapter) located under Teacher Resources on your module page. We periodically update the assessments in FOSS and the most up-to-date versions of the assessments and coding guides are on FOSSweb. The latest assessments in FOSSmap may not match the print version in your Investigation Guide.

FOSSmap is available for the following FOSS editions:
  • Grades 3-8, Next Generation
  • Grades 3-5, Third Edition
  • Middle School Second Edition
  • Grades 3-5, Texas Edition
You will need to have registered on FOSSweb, activated a purchased module, and started a class with individual students in order to use FOSSmap. Use the link on a module page under "Teaching the Module" to open FOSSmap. You'll be asked to sign in again using your FOSSweb username and password to keep assessment data secure. For help on all these steps, please view the short videos and Quickstart PDFs here.

To learn more about the FOSS assessment system, please view the Assessment chapter, located under "Teacher Resources" on your module page.