Energy Station: Candle

Energy Station: Candle

This is Energy Station: Candle. These videos are part of the introduction to energy sources.

A candle has two parts, a wick and wax. The wick is a woven strip of cotton. The wax surrounds and holds the wick.

Watch what happens when just a wick burns. This is in real time.

Now watch the two time-lapse videos of a candle burning. The candle took 2 1/2 hours to burn down. One time-lapse video is 20 seconds and the other is 1 minute 15 seconds. Observe each one and then answer the questions below about the burning candle on your notebook sheet.

  1. What action did you observe?
  2. What kind of energy caused that action?
  3. What was the energy source?
  4. Where was the energy stored?
  5. What was the stored energy converted into?
  6. The energy in ________ changed into ________ energy.

Whole candle
Burnt candle
Observe the candle before burning.
Observe the candle after burning.