Environments Home School Connection

Hello teachers, students, and families:

FOSS offers a number of ways to get parents involved in their child's science education:

Home/School Connections for School Closures:

Home/School Connections PDF
  • Download a copy of the Environments Home/School Connection PDF in English or Spanish.
  • Download a copy of the Environments Math Extensions PDF in English and Spanish.

Inside the PDF you'll find:

  • Letter to Parents

    Each FOSS module includes a letter to parents to tell you what your child will be doing in the investigations at school and to share ways that you can develop your child's scientific interests at home.

  • Home/School Connections

    There are many ways to extend your child's science experiences at home and to have fun together. We have developed a Home/School Connection for four investigations in the Environments module. These require little or no materials from home.

    Investigation 1: Students go on a safari in and around their homes or into the local neighborhood to look for insects. Students organize the results of their safaris and bring them to class.
    Investigation 2: Students look for an aquatic environment in their neighborhoods.If no aquatic environment is close at hand, they use a local map to inventory the different kinds of aquatic environments nearby.
    Investigation 3: Students can raise brine shrimp at home with their families. Send little paper packets of eggs home with students to get started. This may exhaust your supply of eggs, which is fine. It is good to start each year with a fresh supply of eggs.
    Investigation 4: Planting a garden is a good home activity for students. Math problems to help in the planning.