Water Home School Connection

Hello teachers, students, and families:

FOSS offers a number of ways to get parents involved in their child's science education:

Home/School Connections for School Closures:

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Home/School Connections PDF

Download a copy of the following:

Inside the PDF you'll find:

  • Letter to Parents

    Each FOSS module includes a letter to parents to tell you what your child will be doing in the investigations at school and to share ways that you can develop your child's scientific interests at home.

  • Home/School Connections

    There are many ways to extend your child's science experiences at home and to have fun together. We have developed a Home/School Connection for three investigations in the Water Module. These require little or no materials from home.

    Investigation 1: Students investigate surface tension at home with three different activities. They float a paper water strider and use a drop of dishwashing liquid to help speed it across the water's surface. They find out how many paper clips they can add to a glass of water-filled to the brim before the water spills over the top.
    Investigation 2: Students and their families look around their kitchens or take a field trip to a market and look for products that use water in their preparation.
    Investigation 3: Students make an evaporation system at home that demonstrates the process of evaporation. They check weather reports to find out how humid the local air is and monitor changes in humidity for a time.