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Mars-Valles Marineris View 2

click on picture to enlarge.
Courtesy of NASA/JPL
This view shows the central Valles Marineris on Mars with Ophir and Candor Chasms. Ophir Chasm on the north (left side) is approximately 300 km across and as deep as 10 km. The connected chasms or valleys of Valles Marineris may have formed from a combination of erosional collapse and structural activity-such as cracks in the rock or faulting.

When released: December 1991
Photographer: Viking 1 orbiter
Location: 5S, 74W
Landform: canyon, rift

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  1. What kind of landforms are visible in this color image?
  2. Is any place on Earth similar to this photograph?
  3. Is this canyon as deep as the Grand Canyon on Earth?

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