Physics Of Sound – Recommended Websites

FOSS has developed a list of recommended resources for each module. These resources include listings for nonfiction and fiction books for students, resource books for teachers, websites, images, videos, and local resources that extend the hands-on science activities in each module.
Resources intended for teachers only are labeled with yellow: Teacher-only Resource
Resources intended for students are labeled in blue: Student Resource
All websites are appropriate for students except for those marked as teacher-only.
10 Resources for National Engineers Week
URL:  blogs.kqed.orgDescription:  Links to interactive STEM and science websites with real-world applications of physics and engineering
BBC Bitsize
URL:  Links to videos on various science topics
Chronology: Bell Labs
URL:  about.att.comDescription:  Time line of technologies pioneered at AT&T’s Bell Laboratories, beginning with the telephone in 1876 and continuing through 1993. Covers such innovations as electronic recording, sound motion pictures, transatlantic telephone services, stereo recording, transistors, the solar cell, and cellular phones.
URL:  pbskids.orgDescription:  Games, Videos, and activities on science and engineering
eGFI Dream Up the Future
URL:  teachers.egfi-k12.orgDescription:  Teacher site for links to student engineering projects and teacher professional development,
Engineering Games
URL:  engineering-games.netDescription:  This site provides links to a variety of engineering games, culled from different sites.
Exploratorium: Engineering and Tinkering
URL:  www.exploratorium.eduDescription:  View engineering and tinkering websites, projects, and videos on the Exploratorium website.
Fun Science Demos
URL:  Over 150 science demos for every important idea in science
How Speakers Work
URL:  electronics.howstuffworks.comDescription:  Find out how a speaker (or headphone) translates electrical signals and translates them back into physical vibrations to create sound waves that you can hear. Young students may need adult assistance.
I Know That: Science Lab
URL:  streaming.discoveryeducation.comDescription:  This is a great site for activities, animations, simulations and other resources related to the human body, sounds, matter the solar system, weather and other science topics to supplement sound.
Introduction to Flute Acoustics
URL:  This website includes text and images showing the processes involved in making sound with a flute.
Landfill Harmonic
URL:  www.landfillharmonicmovie.comDescription:  Landfill Harmonic is a video follows the Recycled Orchestra of Cateura, a Paraguayan children's musical group that plays instruments made entirely out of garbage. When their story goes viral, the orchestra is catapulted into the global spotlight. Under the guidance of idealistic music director Favio Chavez, the orchestra must navigate a strange new world of arenas and sold-out concerts. The film is a testimony to the transformative power of music and the resilience of the human spirit.
Learning Games for Kids
URL:  www.learninggamesforkids.comDescription:  Games on a variety of topics
URL:  new.learningscience.orgDescription:  This site currates the best online science simulations, visualizations, websites, and videos from around the world. Made for K–12 teachers and students, all resources are NGSS-aligned and free.
Navy STEM for the Classroom
URL:  www.navystemfortheclassroom.comDescription:  STEM related fields and information from the US Navy
Next CC
URL: offers activities across nine scales —nano, pattern, object, space, architecture, neighborhood, urban, region, and world— to introduce design and its importance.
PBS Kids Sci Girls
URL:  pbskids.orgDescription:  Website designed to especially engage girls in science.
PBS Learning Media
URL:  pbslearningmedia.orgDescription:  PBS Learning Media Library offers a variety of resources for science and engineering subjects.
PhET Interactive Simulations
URL:  phet.colorado.eduDescription:  Simulations developed by Univeristy of Colorado, Boulder for all grade levels and genres
Recycled Orchestra of Cateura
URL:  www.recycledorchestracateura.comDescription:  Short videos from the Recycled Orchestra of Cateura featuring the instruments, the children, and their music director, Favio Chavez.
Teachers Try Science – Kid Page
URL:  www.teacherstryscience.orgDescription:  Links to various hands-on experiments for students
Try Engineering
URL:  tryengineering.orgDescription:  Resources for learning more about engineering
URL:  wonderopolis.orgDescription:  Explore the world of wonders. Each day a question is posed and is explored in a variety of ways.
Science Kids Engineering for Kids
URL:  Discover the world of engineering with a range of free games, science fair projects, experiments, interesting facts, videos, quizzes, worksheets and more.
Try Engineering Games
URL:  tryengineering.orgDescription:  Games to get students interested in engineering. Field Trips
URL:  www.tryscience.orgDescription:  Find out about more than 400 science and technology centers and museums worldwide. Use an interactive map of the world to find and explore a science and technology center or museum near you. You can also find online adventures and field trips, ideas for experiments at home, plus live webcams. is your gateway to experience the excitement of contemporary science and technology through on and offline interactivity with science and technology centers worldwide. TryScience is brought to you through a partnership between IBM Corporation, the New York Hall of Science (NYHOS), the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC), and science centers worldwide.
What Causes a Sonic Boom?
URL:  science.howstuffworks.comDescription:  Check out this How Stuff Works web page to find out what causes a sonic boom. Young students may require adult assistance.
Wonderwise: Women in Science Learning Series
URL:  wonderwise.unl.eduDescription:  Introduces you to women who have made science their career. You can take several field trips, including space geology, African plant exploration, and urban ecology.