Pebbles Sand and Silt – Recommended Websites

FOSS has developed a list of recommended resources for each module. These resources include listings for nonfiction and fiction books for students, resource books for teachers, websites, images, videos, and local resources that extend the hands-on science activities in each module.
Resources intended for teachers only are labeled with yellow: Teacher-only Resource
Resources intended for students are labeled in blue: Student Resource
All websites are appropriate for students except for those marked as teacher-only.
10 Resources for National Engineers Week
URL:  blogs.kqed.orgDescription:  Links to interactive STEM and science websites with real-world applications of physics and engineering
Alien Assembly Required
URL:  pbskids.orgDescription:  Featuring the characters from the cartoon "Arthur", students engineer robots based on what they'd like it to do and look like.
Ask a Geologist
URL:  walrus.wr.usgs.govDescription:  USGS earth scientists provide a limited service in which you may ask scientific questions about geology, geophysics, and geochemistry. You can e-mail any questions you have about earth science to geologists at this site, and you can browse through their frequently asked questions.
Association Of American State Geologists
URL:  www.stategeologists.orgDescription:  Includes links to websites and information from the various state geological surveys.
Career Profiles: Association of Women Geoscientists
URL:  awg.orgDescription:  This site from the Association of Women Geoscientists includes career information plus profiles of many women who have made geoscience a career.
BBC Bitsize
URL:  Links to videos on various science topics
Careers In The Geosciences
URL:  www.agiweb.orgDescription:  Includes brochures, articles, profiles, and links to information about careers in the geosciences.
Careers in the Geosciences
URL:  www.americangeosciences.orgDescription:  The American Geological Institute has included an online version of their pamphlet concerning earth science careers. It also includes addresses to connect with for more information.
Cat in the Hat Knows about That
URL:  pbskids.orgDescription:  Games and videos with Cat in the Hat characters
URL:  pbskids.orgDescription:  Games, Videos, and activities on science and engineering
eGFI Dream Up the Future
URL:  teachers.egfi-k12.orgDescription:  Teacher site for links to student engineering projects and teacher professional development,
Engineering Games
URL:  engineering-games.netDescription:  This site provides links to a variety of engineering games, culled from different sites.
Exploratorium: Engineering and Tinkering
URL:  www.exploratorium.eduDescription:  View engineering and tinkering websites, projects, and videos on the Exploratorium website.
Fun Science Demos
URL:  Over 150 science demos for every important idea in science
How a sand and gravel quarry works
URL:  Watch a short video of a sand and gravel quarry and see how these earth materials are separated. 2.8 MB file to download.
Learning Games for Kids
URL:  www.learninggamesforkids.comDescription:  Games on a variety of topics
URL:  new.learningscience.orgDescription:  This site currates the best online science simulations, visualizations, websites, and videos from around the world. Made for K–12 teachers and students, all resources are NGSS-aligned and free.
Mineral Database
URL:  www.mindat.orgDescription: is the largest mineral database on the Internet. It was started by Jolyon Ralph in 1993 as a PC mineralogy software package for his own use - and was launched for free on the web in October 2000. Currently there are 11,201 different minerals, varieties, and synonyms listed, and information on 164,151 mineral occurrences worldwide, from 31,135 different sites. You can even add your own mineral information and photos to the database.
Musical Sand
URL:  www.livescience.comDescription:  This site includes a description of the phenomena known as "singing sands" and includes images and audio of various types and locations.
Natural Gemstones
URL:  pubs.usgs.govDescription:  This pamphlet from the U.S. Geological Survey includes useful information and terms concerning natural gemstones. For example, a natural gemstone is a mineral, stone, or organic matter that can be cut and polished or otherwise treated for use as jewelry or other ornament. A precious gemstone has beauty, durability, and rarity, whereas a semiprecious gemstone has only one or two of these qualities. A gem is a gemstone that has been cut and polished.
Neighborhood Rocks
URL:  www.saltthesandbox.orgDescription:  Information and tips on local rock collecting. Have you found rocks like these? Maybe you can get some ideas for finding rocks in your neighborhood! Join nine-year-old Ethan and eight-year-old Aaron as they collect, wash, identify, store, and play with the rocks they've found.
Next CC
URL: offers activities across nine scales —nano, pattern, object, space, architecture, neighborhood, urban, region, and world— to introduce design and its importance.
PBS Kids Sci Girls
URL:  pbskids.orgDescription:  Website designed to especially engage girls in science.
PBS Learning Media
URL:  pbslearningmedia.orgDescription:  PBS Learning Media Library offers a variety of resources for science and engineering subjects.
Peep and the Big Wide World
URL:  peepandthebigwideworld.comDescription:  Games and videos on a variety of science concepts for younger children.
PhET Interactive Simulations
URL:  phet.colorado.eduDescription:  Simulations developed by Univeristy of Colorado, Boulder for all grade levels and genres
Rock of Ages Granite Quarry, Vermont
URL:  www.rockofages.comDescription:  Founded in 1885, Rock of Ages has grown to include dozens of quarries producing the highest combined volume of dimensional granite in North America. From Barre Gray Granite, the finest gray granite available, to the unrivaled purity of Bethel White, Rock of Ages has very high standards for the granite it quarries and delivers. Primary students may need adult assistance with this site.
Sesame Street: STEM
URL:  sesamestreet.orgDescription:  Games and videos using Sesame Street characters on STEM topics
Sand Castle Central
URL:  www.sandcastlecentral.comDescription:  Check out their tips and tricks to building great sand castles, and see the incredible photos of sand-sculpture competitions.
Science Kids Engineering for Kids
URL:  Discover the world of engineering with a range of free games, science fair projects, experiments, interesting facts, videos, quizzes, worksheets and more.
Teachers Try Science – Kid Page
URL:  www.teacherstryscience.orgDescription:  Links to various hands-on experiments for students
Try Engineering
URL:  tryengineering.orgDescription:  Resources for learning more about engineering
U.S. Geological Survey
URL:  www.usgs.govDescription:  This is the site for the U.S. Geological Survey, a part of Department of Interior. It includes links to the various functions, activities and products of the Survey,
USGS Publications Online
URL:  pubs.usgs.govDescription:  Provides access to a variety of electronic documents from the U.S. Geological Survey. Includes the Geologic Time and Fossils, Rocks, and Time brochures.
USGS Science Education Website
URL:  education.usgs.govDescription:  Explore things on, in, around, and about Earth, such as plants and animals, land, water, and maps. Shows how biology, geology, hydrology, and geography help us understand our changing world.
URL:  wonderopolis.orgDescription:  Explore the world of wonders. Each day a question is posed and is explored in a variety of ways.