Variables – Recommended Books

FOSS has developed a list of recommended resources for each module. These resources include listings for nonfiction and fiction books for students, resource books for teachers, websites, images, videos, and local resources that extend the hands-on science activities in each module.
Resources intended for teachers only are labeled with yellow: Teacher-only Resource
Resources intended for students are labeled in blue: Student Resource
Books: Non-Fiction
Some of these resources may be out-of-print, either permanently or for a short time while they are being reprinted. These resources have been included here because they are still good extensions (some classic) to the FOSS modules and courses. If you can't find them for purchase, check your local library or try searching one of the used book sites available online.

We also provide printable lists of the recommended books for all Next Generation and Third Edition K-5 modules on the Science-Centered Language Development information page under the Teaching Tools menu.
101 Things Everyone Should Know about Science
Grade Level:  3-12Author:  Dia Michels and Nathan LevyPublisher:  Science Naturally!Year:  2006ISBN:  0-9678020-5-9Description:  101 Things Everyone Should Know About Science uses a question-and answer format to entice the reader into learning more about key concepts in biology, chemistry, physics, earth, and general science. This book is perfect for anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of how science impacts everyday life. Some questions include "Why do you see lightning before you hear thunder?" "What keeps the planets orbiting around the sun?" "Why do we put salt on roads when they are icy?"
Brainstorm! The Stories Of Twenty American Kid Inventors
Grade Level:  3-6Author:  Tom TuckerIllustrator:  Richard LoehlePublisher:  Farrar, Straus, and GirouxYear:  1995ISBN:  0-374-30944-2Description:  An excellent resource about kids whose creativity and imagination led them to invent many useful things.
Grade Level:  5-9Author:  Jacqueline BarberPublisher:  GEMS, The Lawrence Hall of ScienceISBN:  0-924886-58-7Description:  Imaginative experiments with soap bubbles introduce students to solid science, technology, and math content. Students have a ball as they learn important concepts in chemistry and physics, devising a number of experiments, and drawing conclusions
Build Your Own Car, Rocket, and Other Things that Go
Grade Level:  4-6Author:  Tammy EnzPublisher:  Capstone PressYear:  2011ISBN:  978-1-4296-5437-1Description:  Do you feel the need for speed? With the simple instructions in this book you can build your own cars, rockets, and other fast moving vehicles. Gather up your tools and get ready to build some speedy projects that will impress your family and friends.
Experimenting With Model Rockets
Grade Level:  6-10Author:  Cary I. SneiderPublisher:  GEMS, The Lawrence Hall of ScienceISBN:  0-912511-20-6Description:  These exciting rocketry activities were specifically designed to appeal to girls as much as to boys. The unit focuses on controlled experimentation, providing students essential foundations in scientific inquiry.
Girls Think of Everything: Stories of Ingenious Inventions by Women
Grade Level:  3-8Author:  Catherine ThimmeshIllustrator:  Melissa SweetPublisher:  Houghton MifflinYear:  2000ISBN:  0-395-93744-2Description:  Did you know that women invented windshield wipers, Liquid Paper®, paper bags, Scotchgard®, the Apgar Score for evaluating a newborn’s health, and a method for automatic computer programming that led the way to computer programming as we know it today? Find out more about these inventions, their inventors, their struggles, and more in this book, as well as how new inventions continue to be created by young women. Includes a timeline of inventions by women.
Paper Airplanes: Models To Build And Fly
Grade Level:  5-9Author:  Emery J. KellyPublisher:  Lerner PublishingYear:  1998ISBN:  0-8225-2401-5Description:  A detailed introduction describes many of the variables involved in flight. Instructions for making 12 different paper airplanes included.
Paper Towel Testing
Grade Level:  5-9Author:  Cary I. Sneider, Jacqueline BarberPublisher:  GEMS, The Lawrence Hall of ScienceISBN:  0-924886-11-0Description:  This unit is a stimulating introduction to consumer science and controlled experimentation. Students rank the qualities of four paper towel brands, compare the costs of each, and determine which brand is the "best buy." Can be expanded to test other consumer items, and connects nicely to Vitamin C Testing.
Rocket Science: 50 Flying, Floating, Flipping, Spinning Gadgets Kids Create Themselves
Grade Level:  5-6Author:  Jim WiesePublisher:  John Wiley and SonsYear:  1995ISBN:  0-471-11357-3Description:  Projects covering a variety of topics, including mechanics, air and water power, electricity, acoustics, and optics. Many of the projects provide a springboard into world of design.
Sky Pioneer: A Photobiography Of Amelia Earhart
Grade Level:  5-6Author:  Corinne SzaboPublisher:  National GeographicYear:  1997ISBN:  1-426-30044-1Description:  A beautiful book that follows the life and travels of one of the world's most famous women. Library Binding ISBN: 1-417-77500-9
Spinning Blackboard and Other Dynamic Experiments on Force and Motion
Author:  Paul Doherty, Don RathjenPublisher:  Wiley and SonsYear:  1996ISBN:  0-471-11514-2Description:  Presents over 20 experiments exploring the principles of mechanics. The experiments are miniature versions of some of the exhibits at the Exploratorium, San Francisco's famed museum of science, art, and human perception.
The Airplane
Grade Level:  3-5Author:  Julie L. SinclairYear:  2004ISBN:  0-7368-2213-5Description:  Explore the history of the airplane and discover how this great invention developed into the aircraft we use today.
The Kid Who Invented The Popsicle: And Other Surprising Stories About Inventions
Grade Level:  4-6Author:  Don L. WulffsonPublisher:  PuffinYear:  1999ISBN:  141302046Description:  This book lists a number of "inventions" and includes a brief description of how they came to be. Inventions include blue jeans, doughnuts, matches, miniature golf, and Scrabble, as well as.
The Kid's Invention Book
Grade Level:  3-6Author:  Arlene ErlbachPublisher:  Lerner PublishingYear:  1997ISBN:  0-822-59844-2Description:  Profiles 11 inventors between the ages of 8 and 14. Describes the steps involved in inventing a new product, and discusses contests, patents, lawyers, and clubs. Also available in library binding.
The Role of Public Policy in K—12 Science Education
Author:  George E. DeBoer, editorPublisher:  AAAS Project 2061 (Research in Science Education Series)Year:  2011Description:

Linda De Lucchi and Larry Malone, co-directors of the FOSS Project, have co-written a chapter entitled "The Effect of Educational Policy on Curriculum Development: A Perspective from the Lawrence Hall of Science" as part of this publication. The goal of this volume of Research in Science Education is to examine the relationship between science education policy and practice and the special role that science education researchers play in influencing policy. It has been suggested that the science education research community is isolated from the political process, pays little attention to policy matters, and has little influence on policy. But to influence policy, it is important to understand how policy is made and how it is implemented. This volume sheds light on the intersection between policy and practice through both theoretical discussions and practical examples.

This book was written primarily about science education policy development in the context of the highly decentralized educational system of the United States. But, because policy development is fundamentally a social activity involving knowledge, values, and personal and community interests, there are similarities in how education policy gets enacted and implemented around the world.

This volume is meant to be useful to science education researchers and to practitioners such as teachers and administrators because it provides information about which aspects of the science education enterprise are affected by state, local, and national policies. It also provides helpful information for researchers and practitioners who wonder how they might influence policy. In particular, it points out how the values of people who are affected by policy initiatives are critical to the implementation of those policies.

The Sky's the Limit: Stories of Discovery by Women and Girls
Grade Level:  3-8Author:  Catherine ThimmeshIllustrator:  Melissa SweetPublisher:  Houghton MifflinYear:  2002ISBN:  0-618-07698-0Description:  More inventions by women and girls are the subject of the latest book by Catherine Thimmesh, the author of Girls Think of Everything. This volume includes stories about Jane Goodall’s studies of the use of tools by chimpanzees; the design of Sojourner, the Mars rover, by Donna Shirley; how Beatrix Potter, the author of the Peter Rabbit stories, discovered the dual life of algae and fungi in lichen; and Sue Hendrickson’s discovery of the biggest, most complete Tyrannosaurs rex fossil in 1990. Includes resources and a selected timeline of discoveries by women.
The Spinning Blackboard And Other Dynamic Experiments On Force And Motion
Grade Level:  5-9Author:  Paul Doherty, Don RathjenPublisher:  John Wiley and SonsYear:  1996ISBN:  0-471-11514-2Description:  Projects students can construct that model the principles of force and motion. The projects involve simple materials, and the text provides advice, hints, ideas, and explanations.
They All Laughed...From Light Bulbs to Lasers: The Fascinating Stories Behind the Great Inventions That Have Changed Our Lives
Grade Level:  5-8Author:  Ira FlatowPublisher:  HarperYear:  1993ISBN:  0-060-92415-2Description:  Did you know that Ben Franklin really didn't carry out the kite-flying experiment in a thunderstorm? If he had, he might not have been around to sign the Declaration of Independence, according to Ira Flatow. Flatow, formerly the host of Newton's Apple and now of a weekly science show on National Public Radio, describes the behind-the-scenes tales of many great inventions, including television, telephones, George Eastman's advances in photography, and more.
Build It! Invent New Structures and Contraptions
Grade Level:  3-6Author:  Tammy EnzPublisher:  Capstone PressYear:  2012ISBN:  978-1-4296-7635-9Description:  With Build It, you can tinker with widgets, wing nuts, gadgets, and gauges. You'll invent a trash grabber, a newpaper fort, a coin sorter, and other amazing contraptions.
Books: Fiction
Some of these resources may be out-of-print, either permanently or for a short time while they are being reprinted. These resources have been included here because they are still good extensions (some classic) to the FOSS modules and courses. If you can't find them for purchase, check your local library or try searching one of the used book sites available online.
Back To The Titanic! (Travelers Through Time)
Grade Level:  4-6Author:  Beatrice GormleyPublisher:  ScholasticYear:  1994ISBN:  0-590-46226-1Description:  Matt, Emily, and Jonathan travel back through time to try to change the course of history and save the Titanic.
Egg-drop Blues
Grade Level:  5-6Author:  Jacqueline Turner BanksPublisher:  Houghton MifflinYear:  1995ISBN:  0-395-70931-8Description:  Sixth-grader Judge tells of overcoming difficulties with his brother and his schoolwork as they collaborate on their design to win an egg-drop competition.
The Gadget War
Grade Level:  4-6Author:  Betsy DuffeyPublisher:  PuffinYear:  1994ISBN:  0-141-30708-0Description:  Kelly Sparks has 43 inventions to her credit-and she's only 8 years old. Now a new kid in her class challenges her status as the gadget wiz, and their rivalry escalates into a full-scale gadget war.
The Giant Ball of String
Grade Level:  K-4Author:  Arthur GeisertPublisher:  Walter Lorraine BooksYear:  2002ISBN:  0-618-13221-xDescription:  Good story about pigs making an invention to wind string. There are some pulleys involved. Would also work in Ideas and Inventions.