Pebbles Sand and Silt – Recommended Books

FOSS has developed a list of recommended resources for each module. These resources include listings for nonfiction and fiction books for students, resource books for teachers, websites, images, videos, and local resources that extend the hands-on science activities in each module.
Resources intended for teachers only are labeled with yellow: Teacher-only Resource
Resources intended for students are labeled in blue: Student Resource
Books: Non-Fiction
Some of these resources may be out-of-print, either permanently or for a short time while they are being reprinted. These resources have been included here because they are still good extensions (some classic) to the FOSS modules and courses. If you can't find them for purchase, check your local library or try searching one of the used book sites available online.

We also provide printable lists of the recommended books for all Next Generation and Third Edition K-5 modules on the Science-Centered Language Development information page under the Teaching Tools menu.
A Grain of Sand: Nature's Secret Wonder The Amazing Microphotography of Dr. Gary Greenberg
Grade Level:  5-12Author:  Dr. Gary GreenbergPublisher:  Voyager BooksYear:  2008ISBN:  9780760331989Description:  

To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wild flower. Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour.

William Blake, Auguries of Innocence

Greenberg opens his book with this quote from William Blake and then invites into the close-up world of sand. Using microphotographic techniques that he developed, Greenburg gives us an almost three-dimensional view of sand, its colors, textures, sizes, and shapes. The story of sand unfolds through text and photographs. Sand becomes an art form through his amazing photographs. Even young students will appreciate these images; older students and adults will find the text useful in expanding their understanding of the world of sand.

A Handful of Dirt
Grade Level:  K-5Author:  Raymond BialPublisher:  Walker and Co.Year:  2000ISBN:  0-802-78698-7Description:  The nature and importance of soil is presented, accompanied by large full-color photographs showing the myriad creatures living there. Explains the process by which soil is created and the forms of life it supports.
A Sense of the Earth
Grade Level:  9-12Author:  David LevesonPublisher:  DoubledayYear:  1995ISBN:  385514891Description:  Although this book was first published in 1971, it still strikes the core of those who have even a passing interest in geology. Leveson's essays emphasize the importance of having direct human experience with the Earth and how these experiences are relevant to our everyday lives. Geologic experience provides not only technical information, but more importantly, helps us understand our relationship to other living things and to space and time.
Archaeologists Dig for Clues
Grade Level:  K-5Author:  Kate DukePublisher:  HarperYear:  1997ISBN:  0-064-45175-5Description:  A boy and his friends go on a dig in a local cornfield with their archaeologist friend Sophi and make discoveries about how scientists learn about the past. They learn that small pieces of stone, bone, or fossils are clues to long ago.
Bedrock: Writers on the Wonders of Geology
Grade Level:  9-12Author:  Edited by Laurel E. Savoy, Eldridge M. Moores, and Judith E. MooresPublisher:  Trinity University PressYear:  2006ISBN:  1 59534 023 8Description:  Novelists, poets, artists, anthropologists, naturalists, traditional elders, and philosophers create Earth's geological portrait through their writings included in this book. Topics travel from the violence of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions to patterns in rocks and ever-flowing streams. Many cultures and historic times influence this book that focuses on planet Earth.
Best Book Of Fossils, Rocks, And Minerals
Grade Level:  2-4Author:  Chris PellantPublisher:  Larousse Kingfisher ChambersYear:  2000ISBN:  0-7534-5274-XDescription:  A colorfully illustrated overview of different kinds of rocks and minerals with suggestions on how to start and organize a rock collection.
Beyond Ecophobia: Reclaiming the Heart of Nature Education
Author:  David SobelPublisher:  The Orion Society's Nature Literacy SeriesYear:  1996ISBN:  913098507Description:  If you teach, or feel you should teach, about environmental issues to students in grades K-8, then it is essential that you read this book. Sobel's primary argument is that well-intentioned educators often dive into issues about how humans are destroying Earth (rain forests are burning, polar bears are dying, oil is killing everything) at too young of an age. He writes, "What's important is that children have an opportunity to bond with the natural world, to learn to love it, before being ask to heal its wounds." He proposes three phases of environmental curricula, "In early childhood, activities should center on enhancing the developmental tendency toward empathy with the natural world; in middle childhood, exploration should take precedence; and in the early adolescence, social action should assume a more central role."
Grade Level:  K-3Author:  Mary FirestoneYear:  2005ISBN:  0-7368-2649-1Description:  Discusses where clay comes from, its features and how it is used.
Crystal and Gem
Author:  R. F. Symes, R. R. HardingPublisher:  DK PublishingYear:  2007ISBN:  0-756-63001-0Description:  Describes the seven basic shapes of crystals and how they form in nature; how crystals are studied and identified, grown artificially, and used in industry; and other aspects of crystallography.
Grade Level:  K-2Author:  Kimberly M. HutmacherPublisher:  Capstone PressYear:  2011ISBN:  978-1-4296-5322-0Description:  Rushing rivers meet the sea, dropping dirt, soil, and clay. Deltas form, in all shapes and sizes. Read Deltas to learn about these flat, fertile landforms.
Desert Trip
Grade Level:  K-2Author:  Barbara SteinerIllustrator:  Ronald HimlerPublisher:  Sierra ClubYear:  1996ISBN:  0-871-56581-1Description:  A young girl and her mother backpack in the desert and learn about the plants, animals, birds, and rock formations.
Digging Up Dinosaurs
Grade Level:  K-2Author:  AlikiPublisher:  HarperYear:  1988ISBN:  0-064-45078-3Description:  Introduces various types of dinosaurs whose skeletons and reconstructions are seen in museums. Explains how scientists uncover, preserve, and study fossilized dinosaur bones.
Dinosaur Bones
Grade Level:  K-2Author:  AlikiPublisher:  HarperYear:  1990ISBN:  0-064-45077-5Description:  Shows how scientists study fossil remains, and provides information on how dinosaurs lived long ago. It shows working scientists gathering fossils, studying them, and piecing together evidence to show what dinosaurs were like.
Dinosaur Mountain: Graveyard of the Past
Grade Level:  3-5Author:  Caroline ArnoldIllustrator:  Richard HewettPublisher:  Clarion BooksYear:  1990ISBN:  0-899-19693-4Description:  Describes the discoveries made at the Dinosaur National Monument quarry in Utah, a rich source of fossils, and highlights the detailed work of paleontologists.
Dinosaurs and Fossils
Grade Level:  K-2Author:  Delta EducationPublisher:  Delta EducationYear:  2004ISBN:  1-592-42367-1Description:  Students discover what dinosaurs were, when they lived, what they were like, and how they may have become extinct. They read about fossils, and find out how different kinds of fossils form and what scientists can learn from fossils.
Dinosaurs to the Rescue: A Guide to Protecting Our Planet
Grade Level:  K-2Author:  Laurie Krasny Brown, Marc BrownPublisher:  Little, Brown and Co.Year:  1994ISBN:  0-316-11397-2Description:  Dinosaur characters are featured in this book that offers a variety of suggestions for minimizing waste, garbage, and pollution. It also offers suggestions of ways that children can help to protect and conserve Earth's resources.
Dinosaurs! Strange and Wonderful
Grade Level:  K-5Author:  Laurence P. PringleIllustrator:  Carol HeyerPublisher:  PuffinYear:  1996ISBN:  0-140-55967-1Description:  Presents basic information about dinosaurs, explaining that fossil records are often incomplete. The book shows scientists at work and explains how recent discoveries continue to add new information about dinosaurs.
Dirt: The Scoop on Soil
Grade Level:  K-2Author:  Natalie M. RosinskyIllustrator:  Sheree BoydPublisher:  Picture Window BooksYear:  2002ISBN:  1-404-80012-3Description:  Discusses the nature, uses, and importance of soil and the many forms of life that it supports.
Earth Steps: A Rock's Journey Through Time
Grade Level:  K-6Author:  Diane Nelson SpickertIllustrator:  Marianne D. WallacePublisher:  Fulcrum PublishingYear:  2000ISBN:  1-555-91986-3Description:  Describes the geological setting for the transformation of a rock to a grain of sand over the course of millions of years.
Grade Level:  Pre-K-2Author:  Linda D. WilliamsYear:  2004ISBN:  0-7368-5135-6Description:  Read about different earthmovers in action with colorful photographs showing them in action. Bibliography and index.
El Suelo: Tierra y Arena (Series)
Grade Level:  K-4Author:  Natalie M. RosinskyIllustrator:  Sheree BoydPublisher:  Picture Window BooksYear:  2007ISBN:  978-1-4048-3211-4Description:  In Spanish. Fun, fact-filled books written in conversational Spanish (English available) and are culturally sound. This particular book discusses where sand and soil come from and includes several activities and facts.
Grade Level:  2-4Author:  Rebecca OlienPublisher:  Capstone PressYear:  2001ISBN:  0-736-80950-3Description:  Full-page photographs reveal examples of wind, water, and ice erosion. Endnotes include a glossary of terms, Internet sites, and other books about erosion. An activity about how readers can create a sugar cave allows a hands-on experience with erosion.
Fossils Tell of Long Ago
Grade Level:  K-2Author:  AlikiPublisher:  HarperYear:  1990ISBN:  0-064-45093-7Description:  Explains how fossils form and what they tell us about the past.
Geology Rocks! 50 Hands-on Activities to Explore the Earth
Grade Level:  2-6Author:  Cindy BlobaumIllustrator:  Michael P. KlinePublisher:  Ideals PublicationsYear:  1999ISBN:  1-885-59329-5Description:  Presents hands-on activities to introduce the science of geology and explain the formation and history of Earth.
Glaciers (Natural Wonders series)
Grade Level:  Pre-K-2Author:  Mari SchuhPublisher:  Capstone PressYear:  2011ISBN:  978-1-4296-5006-9Description:  Large masses of ice move slowly across the land. Over thousands of years, glaciers greatly shaped the land. Read Glaciers to find out how this landform continues to change earth.
Grade Level:  K-3Author:  Mary FirestonePublisher:  Capstone PressYear:  2000ISBN:  0-736-84929-7Description:  Discusses features of glass including how it is manufactured and made into products we use everyday.
How Mountains are Made
Grade Level:  K-5Author:  Kathleen Weidner ZoehfeldIllustrator:  James G. HalePublisher:  HarperYear:  1995ISBN:  0-064-45128-3Description:  Packed with diagrams and maps, this simple and engaging first look at earth science describes the theory of plate tectonicsññhow the continents rest on slow-moving platesññand how the forces of nature sculpt our world.
How to Dig a Hole to the Other Side of the World
Grade Level:  K-2Author:  Faith McNultyIllustrator:  Marc SimontPublisher:  HarperYear:  1990ISBN:  0-064-43218-1Description:  A child takes an imaginary 8000-mile journey through Earth to discover what is inside. The child learns all about Earth's composition from what is close to the surface, and at varying depths.
If You Find A Rock
Grade Level:  K-5Author:  Peggy ChristianIllustrator:  Barbara Hirsch LemberPublisher:  HarcourtYear:  1999ISBN:  0-152-39339-0Description:  Hand-tinted, black-and-white photographs provide a background to poetic text celebrating the variety of rocks that children might find, such as those for skipping across ponds, for wishing, or for hiding creatures.
It Could Still Be A Rock
Grade Level:  1-2Author:  Allan FowlerPublisher:  ScholasticYear:  1993ISBN:  0-516-06010-4Description:  Discusses the size, shape, composition, origin, and other aspects of different kinds of rocks.
Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder
Grade Level:  12-12Author:  Richard Louv.Publisher:  Algonquin BooksYear:  2005ISBN:  1565125223Description:  Today's wired generation is the focus of this work linking the absence of nature in today's children to trends in obesity, attention disorders, and depression. Louv uses recent research to suggest that direct exposure to nature is essential for healthy childhood development. This book should bring about challenging discussion about how "nature deficit" affects students in your classroom.
Learning about Rocks, Weathering, and Erosion with Graphic Organizers
Grade Level:  K-3Author:  Diana EstigarribiaPublisher:  PowerKids PressYear:  2005ISBN:  1-404-22806-3Description:  Describes how scientists learn about the earth by studying different kinds of rocks and how they weather and erode.
Let's Go Rock Collecting
Grade Level:  K-4Author:  Roma GansIllustrator:  Holly KellerPublisher:  HarperYear:  1997ISBN:  0-064-45170-4Description:  Discusses the formation and characteristics of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks and how to recognize and collect them.
Let's Look at Rocks
Grade Level:  Pre-K-2Author:  Jeri CiprianoYear:  2004ISBN:  0-7368-2938-5Description:  Simple text and photographs describe the various places rocks are found, the stories they can tell and how people use them.
Let's Look at Rocks (Spanish)
Grade Level:  Pre-K-3Author:  Jeri CiprianoPublisher:  Capstone PressYear:  2005ISBN:  0-7368-4161-XDescription:  Simple text and photographs introduce rocks, where they can be found, some formations they make, and how people use rocks.
Letting Swift River Go
Grade Level:  K-5Author:  Jane YolenIllustrator:  Barbara CooneyPublisher:  Little, Brown and Co.Year:  1995ISBN:  0-316-96860-9Description:  This is the bittersweet, historically based story of how the Swift River Valley was swallowed up to create a reservoir for "thirsty" Boston, relating the changing times in rural America through the eyes of Sally Jane.
Lo basico de la tierra / Soil Basics (Lo basico de la naturaaleza / Nature Basics Series)
Grade Level:  Pre-K-2Author:  Carol K. LindeenPublisher:  Capstone PressYear:  2011ISBN:  978-1-4296-5347-3Description:  Text and photographs introduce soil including what it's made of and some of the different types of soil.
Lo basico de las rocas / Rock Basics (Lo basico de la naturaaleza / Nature Basics Series)
Grade Level:  Pre-K-2Author:  Carol K. LindeenPublisher:  Capstone PressYear:  2011ISBN:  978-1-4296-5348-0Description:  Text and photographs introduce rocks and some of their sizes, shapes, and uses.
Metamorphic Rocks
Grade Level:  K-3Author:  Melissa StewartPublisher:  Heinemann LibraryYear:  2003ISBN:  1-588-10257-2Description:  An overview of metamorphic rocks, including how they form, where they are found, and their characteristics, history, significance, and uses.
Mountains (Natural Wonders series)
Grade Level:  Pre-K-2Author:  Kimberly M. HutmacherPublisher:  Capstone PressYear:  2011ISBN:  978-1-4296-5004-5Description:  Rocky peaks rise above earth’s surface. Mountains come in all shapes and sizes. Read Mountains to learn how these landforms take shape.
Rare Treasure: Mary Anning and Her Remarkable Discoveries
Grade Level:  K-5Author:  Don BrownPublisher:  Houghton MifflinYear:  2003ISBN:  0-618-31081-9Description:  A short biography of Mary Anning (1800ñ1847), who spent her life looking for and collecting fossils. It includes details about her discovery of an ichthyosaur fossil as well as many others. Includes a brief description of how fossils form.
Grade Level:  K-3Author:  Mary FirestonePublisher:  Capstone PressYear:  2005ISBN:  0-736-82651-3Description:  Discusses features of rock, including how it forms, the different types, and how people use rocks.
Rocks & Minerals: Mind-boggling Experiments You Can Turn Into Science Fair Projects
Author:  Janice VanCleavePublisher:  Jossey-BassYear:  1996ISBN:  0-471-10269-5Description:  Includes 20 simple experiments that investigate the properties of rocks and minerals, plus ideas for other earth science projects.
Rocks and Minerals
Author:  Chris PellantIllustrator:  Photos by Harry TaylorPublisher:  DK PublishingYear:  2001ISBN:  789491060Description:  A geology expert explains how to tell rocks from minerals and then shares secrets of spotting sulfides, chromates, igneous and metamorphic rocks, and more. This Eyewitness Handbook is packed with over 600 vivid full-color photos of more than 500 specimens.
Rocks and Minerals
Grade Level:  5-6Author:  Delta EducationIllustrator:  Photos by Harry TaylorPublisher:  Delta EducationYear:  2004ISBN:  1-592-42375-2Description:  Discusses minerals, mineral properties, crystals, and igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks.
Rocks and Minerals
Grade Level:  3-5Author:  Glen PhelanPublisher:  National GeographicYear:  2004ISBN:  0-7922-4571-7Description:  A short book with many photographs explaining where and how the diversity of rocks and minerals arise. Explains the unique characteristics of many types of rocks and minerals.
Rocks and Minerals
Author:  R. F. Symes, Staff of the Natural History Museum, British MuseumIllustrator:  Colin Keates, Andreas EinsiedelPublisher:  DK PublishingYear:  2008ISBN:  9780756637774Description:  Color photographs of rocks, fossils, minerals, precious metals, crystals, jewels, and gemstones give the reader an insight into the evolution and composition of Earth. Discover how prehistoric animals are preserved today as fossils, how volcanoes work, how rocks form from molten lava, how minerals and metals are mined, and how pebbles on the seashore wear down into sand.
Rocks And Minerals (Pocket)
Grade Level:  3-12Author:  Sue FullerPublisher:  DK PublishingYear:  2004ISBN:  789497603Description:  A pocket-size reference guide for identification of rocks and minerals. Includes color photographs for many common rocks and minerals.
Rocks: Hard, Soft, Smooth, and Rough
Grade Level:  Pre-K-4Author:  Natalie M. RosinskyIllustrator:  Matthew JohnPublisher:  Capstone PressYear:  2003ISBN:  978-1-4048-0015-1Description:  The rocks you see everyday can be grouped into different types, like igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic. Some rocks are actually minerals, and you can even find fossils in some types of rocks.
Sand: The Never-Ending Story
Grade Level:  8-12Author:  Michael WellandPublisher:  University of California PressYear:  2009ISBN:  9780520265974Description:  

The preface of this book begins with a quote from the movie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Sand is overrated—it's just tiny little rocks.

Sand may be overrated to some, but to geologists and FOSS students it is an important earth material. The stories told by a sample of sand provide a glimpse into events that have changed Earth's surface over billions of years. Welland, a British geologist, delves into the study of sand full-throttle. Using Wentworth's definition of sand, he focuses on particles ranging in size from very fine sand, 0.0625 to 0.125 mm, to very coarse sand, 1ñ2 mm. He discusses all of the various earth materials from which sand originates, including quartz to microfossils. He explains how much sand is part of geology, biology, and human history. A grain of sand is followed down the Susquehanna River to the ocean depths. From the strange fluid mechanics of moving sand to fascinating sand art, Welland exposes the never-ending story of sand in a way that should capture just about anyone's attention.

Schoolyard-Enhanced Learning: Using the Outdoors as an Instructional Tool, K-8
Author:  Herbert W. BrodaYear:  2005ISBN:  1571107290Description:  This is a great book that incorporates the most recent research from experts who are working to connect children to the outdoor world. It is well-researched, exciting to read, and grounded in the realities of today's school experiences. Broda writes, "Although there are many good reasons for taking students outside—educational, social, aesthetic, recreational—I have to admit that one of my most compelling reasons is to provide opportunities for kids to experience that sense of wonder . . . The more we take children outside for learning activities, the greater the probability for moments of awe and insight." This book gives you everything you need to start using the schoolyard.
Sedimentary Rocks
Grade Level:  K-3Author:  Melissa StewartPublisher:  Heinemann LibraryYear:  2003ISBN:  1-588-10259-9Description:  An overview of sedimentary rocks, discussing their formation, location, identifying characteristics, history, significance, and uses throughout the world.
Grade Level:  2-4Author:  Adele D. RichardsonPublisher:  Capstone PressYear:  2001ISBN:  0-736-80954-6Description:  Readers will discover exactly what soil is, the different types of soil, animals that make their home in the soil, why plants need soil, and the importance of topsoil.
Grade Level:  2-3Author:  Alice K. FlanaganPublisher:  Compass PointYear:  2000ISBN:  0-756-50035-4Description:  Briefly describes the composition of different types of soil, the variety of plants and animals that live in it, and the necessity of soil for human life.
Soil Science
Grade Level:  2-3Author:  Delta EducationPublisher:  Delta EducationYear:  2004ISBN:  1-592-42376-0Description:  Students read about the composition and characteristics of different types of soil. They learn about the effects of weathering and erosion in producing and changing soil.
Ten-Minute Field Trips: A Teacher's Guide to Using the Schoolgrounds for Environmental Studies (3rd edition)
Author:  Helen Ross RussellPublisher:  NSTA PressYear:  2001ISBN:  873550986Description:  Don't let the fact that this book was originally published in 1973 fool you into skipping it; it is quite timely for today's once available funding for field trips. Ten-minute field trips are something you have time for and can afford! This book is brimming with ideas for things to try and observe right outside the classroom door. Russell embraces the use of the schoolyard no matter where your school is located; many of the mini trips described in this book can be performed on the asphalt of an urban schoolyard. Russell presents straightforward background knowledge for you and thoughtful inquiry questions for your students.
The Big Rock
Grade Level:  K-5Author:  Bruce HiscockPublisher:  AladdinYear:  1999ISBN:  0-689-82958-2Description:  This concept book tells how a large granite rock in the forest came to be and its changes over time. Geological terms are explained and can be enhanced with teacher support. Full-page, realistic illustrations help to clarify the story.
The Eco-Family's Guide to Living Green
Grade Level:  Pre-K-3Author:  J. Angelique JohnsonIllustrator:  Kyle PolingPublisher:  Capstone PressYear:  2011ISBN:  978-1-4048-6026-1Description:  Are you part of an eco-family? Check out each room of a house for what to do and what to change. From light bulbs to showerheads, learn green tips to get your family on the eco-friendly track.
The Eco-Student's Guide to Being Green at School
Grade Level:  Pre-K-3Author:  J. Angelique JohnsonIllustrator:  Kyle PolingPublisher:  Capstone PressYear:  2011ISBN:  978-1-4048-6027-8Description:  Are you an eco-student? Check out each room of this school for what to do and what to change. From backpacks to textbooks, learn green tips to get your friends and teachers on the eco-friendly track.
The Magic School Bus in the Time of the Dinosaurs
Grade Level:  K-5Author:  Joanna ColeIllustrator:  Bruce DegenPublisher:  ScholasticYear:  1995ISBN:  0-590-44689-4Description:  A visit to a dinosaur dig turns into a time-travel journey through the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods to see dinosaurs and fossils. Every page is brimming with dinosaur facts and theories.
The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth
Grade Level:  K-5Author:  Joanna ColeIllustrator:  Bruce DegenPublisher:  ScholasticYear:  1989ISBN:  0-590-40760-0Description:  On a special field trip in the magic school bus, Ms. Frizzle's class learns firsthand about different kinds of rocks and the formation of Earth.
The Role of Public Policy in K—12 Science Education
Author:  George E. DeBoer, editorPublisher:  AAAS Project 2061 (Research in Science Education Series)Year:  2011Description:

Linda De Lucchi and Larry Malone, co-directors of the FOSS Project, have co-written a chapter entitled "The Effect of Educational Policy on Curriculum Development: A Perspective from the Lawrence Hall of Science" as part of this publication. The goal of this volume of Research in Science Education is to examine the relationship between science education policy and practice and the special role that science education researchers play in influencing policy. It has been suggested that the science education research community is isolated from the political process, pays little attention to policy matters, and has little influence on policy. But to influence policy, it is important to understand how policy is made and how it is implemented. This volume sheds light on the intersection between policy and practice through both theoretical discussions and practical examples.

This book was written primarily about science education policy development in the context of the highly decentralized educational system of the United States. But, because policy development is fundamentally a social activity involving knowledge, values, and personal and community interests, there are similarities in how education policy gets enacted and implemented around the world.

This volume is meant to be useful to science education researchers and to practitioners such as teachers and administrators because it provides information about which aspects of the science education enterprise are affected by state, local, and national policies. It also provides helpful information for researchers and practitioners who wonder how they might influence policy. In particular, it points out how the values of people who are affected by policy initiatives are critical to the implementation of those policies.

Volcanes / Volcanoes
Grade Level:  K-1Author:  Mari SchuhPublisher:  Capstone PressYear:  2010ISBN:  978-1-4296-5357-2Description:  Provide young readers with a better understanding of what causes these weather events and how to stay safe should a dangerous situation arise. With simple text and large, outstanding photos, readers will not only be informed, but also gain an appreciation of these awesome phenomenons. In Spanish and English.
Waterfalls (Natural Wonders series)
Grade Level:  Pre-K-2Author:  Mari SchuhPublisher:  Capstone PressYear:  2011ISBN:  978-1-4296-5002-1Description:  Rushing water drops off a cliff and crashes to the rocks below. Waterfalls create landmarks throughout the world. Read Waterfalls to discover the force and beauty of these landforms.
Books: Fiction
Some of these resources may be out-of-print, either permanently or for a short time while they are being reprinted. These resources have been included here because they are still good extensions (some classic) to the FOSS modules and courses. If you can't find them for purchase, check your local library or try searching one of the used book sites available online.
A Gift from the Sea
Grade Level:  K-2Author:  Kate BanksIllustrator:  Georg HallenslebenPublisher:  Farrar, Straus, and GirouxYear:  2001ISBN:  0-374-32566-9Description:  Reveals the geological history of a rock found at the beach by a young boy. The passage of time is reflected in the detailed paintings that begin with a volcano and go on to show jungle, glaciers, and dinosaurs.
Children of the Earth...Remember
Grade Level:  K-5Author:  Schim SchimmelPublisher:  Northword PressYear:  1997ISBN:  1-559-71640-1Description:  Illustrates the interrelationships of animals and people in protecting the natural world. Dramatic, original paintings convey the author's love of the environment.
Dinomike and Tzeasaura Find a Plesiosaur
Grade Level:  K-2Author:  Mike BaldwinPublisher:  TraffordYear:  2003ISBN:  1-412-00790-9Description:  Dinomike and Tzeasaura go looking for fossils, answering many questions along the way.
Everybody Needs a Rock
Grade Level:  Pre-K-3Author:  Byrd BaylorIllustrator:  Peter ParnallPublisher:  AladdinYear:  1985ISBN:  0-689-71051-8Description:  Everybody needs to have a special rock. This book lists ten rules for finding the rock you need. Provides a useful connection to units on geology, rocks, and soil.
Iktomi And The Boulder: A Plains Indian Story
Grade Level:  1-2Author:  Paul GoblePublisher:  Franklin WattsYear:  1988ISBN:  0-5310-5760-7Description:  Iktomi, a Plains Indian trickster, attempts to defeat a boulder with the assistance of some bats, in this story that explains why the Great Plains are covered with small stones.
Mountain Dance
Grade Level:  K-5Author:  Thomas LockerPublisher:  HarcourtYear:  2001ISBN:  0-152-02622-3Description:  A poetic description of various kinds of mountains and how they form and erode.
Our Big Home: An Earth Poem
Grade Level:  K-5Author:  Linda Glaser, Elisa KlevenPublisher:  Lerner PublishingYear:  2000ISBN:  0-761-31650-7Description:  Poetry. Colorful illustrations and poetic text describe the soil, air, water, sky, sun, and more that are shared by all the creatures on this big Earth home.
Rocks in His Head
Grade Level:  K-2Author:  Carol Otis HurstIllustrator:  James StevensonPublisher:  Greenwillow BooksYear:  2001ISBN:  0-060-29403-5Description:  A young man's lifelong love of rocks, which includes identifying and classifying specimens, eventually leads him to work at a science museum. Includes labeled drawings of rock specimens to assist in identification.
Stone Soup
Grade Level:  1-2Author:  Ann McGovernIllustrator:  Winslow Pinney PelsPublisher:  ScholasticYear:  1986ISBN:  0-590-41602-2Description:  The cumulative tale of a clever vagabond and an old woman who is gullible enough to believe he can make soup from a stone.
Sylvester And The Magic Pebble
Grade Level:  1-2Author:  William SteigPublisher:  Simon and SchusterYear:  1973ISBN:  0-671-66269-4Description:  On a rainy day, Sylvester finds a red magic pebble that makes wishes come true, and soon he makes a wish that he cannot change. When he is finally back home with his parents, he finds that he really has everything he needs.
The Quicksand Book
Grade Level:  1-2Author:  Tomie dePaolaPublisher:  Holiday HouseYear:  1984ISBN:  0-823-40291-6Description:  Describes an adventure with quicksand, its composition, and rescue procedures
Water Music
Grade Level:  3-5Author:  Jane YolenIllustrator:  Jason Stemple, photographerPublisher:  Boyds Mills PressYear:  2004ISBN:  1-590-78251-8Description:  Poetry. Original poems based on water in its various forms motivate readers to observe an earth material we often take for granted.
When Clay Sings
Grade Level:  1-2Author:  Byrd BaylorIllustrator:  Tom BahtiPublisher:  Simon and SchusterYear:  1981ISBN:  0-689-71106-9Description:  A story of the ancient people represented by the prehistoric American clay pottery that can be found in the desert hills of the West.