30. Uranus
Uranus in True and False Color
Hubble Finds Many Bright Clouds on Uranus
Hubble Tracks Clouds on Uranus - PIA01278.
30. Uranus

30. Uranus

Courtesy of NASA/JPL/STScI



Diameter: 51,118 km
Orbit Radius: 19.15 AU
Orbital Period: 84.011 years
Rotational Period: -17.2 hours (retrograde)
Average Temperature: -197°C
Max/Min Temperature: -197°C/-220°C
Composition: Icy
Number of Moons: 27
Rings: Yes
Atmosphere: 83% H2; 15% He; 2% CH4
Atmospheric Pressure: Unknown
Gravity (Earth=1): 0.905
Mass (Earth=1): 14.54
Magnetic Field: Yes