11. Pluto
The surface of the dwarf planet Pluto constructed from NASA Hubble Space Telescope images
Pluto movie
Photo montages of Pluto from images taken by the Hubble Telescope
11. Pluto

11. Pluto

Dwarf Planet

Diameter : 2,302 km
Orbit Radius: 29.7—49.3 AU
Orbital Period: 247.92 years
Rotational Period: -6.39 days (retrograde)
Average Temperature: -230°C
Max/Min Temperature: -220°/-230°C
Composition: Rocky/Icy
Number of Moons: 4
Atmosphere: Mostly N2; some CO and CH4
Atmospheric Pressure: 0 bars
Gravity (Earth=1): 0.06
Mass (Earth=1): 0.002
Magnetic Field : Unknown