27. Callisto
Global Callisto in Color - PIA03456.
Crater Tindr on Callisto - an oblique impact? - PIA01657.
Callisto Crater Chain at High Resolution Shown in Context - PIA00581.
Impact Craters on Icy Callisto: Doh crater and Asgard - PIA01648.
27. Callisto

27. Callisto

Courtesy of NASA/JPL/DLR


Moon of Jupiter

Diameter: 4,821 km
Orbit Radius: 1,882,710 km
Orbital Period: 16.7 days
Rotational Period: 16.7 days
Average Temperature: -105°C
Composition: Rocky/Icy
Atmosphere: CO2
Atmospheric Pressure: 0 bars
Gravity: 1.23 m/sec²
Gravity (Earth=1): 0.126
Mass (Earth=1): 0.018
Magnetic Field : Unknown