16. Io
Io in Motion
Tupan Patera, Volcano on Io
Global image of Io (false color).
Eruption at Tvashtar Catena on Io
16. Io

16. Io

Courtesy of NASA/JPL/University of Arizona/University of Colorado


Moon of Jupiter

Diameter: 3,630 km
Orbit Radius: 422,000 km
Orbital Period: 1.8 days
Rotational Period: 1.8 days
Average Temperature: -143°C
Max/Min Temperature: 27°C/-143°C
Composition: Rocky
Atmosphere: SO2
Atmospheric Pressure: 0.000000001 bars
Gravity (Earth=1): 0.184
Mass (Earth=1): 0.015
Magnetic Field: Unknown

This color mosaic uses the near-infrared, green and violet filters (slightly more than the visible range) of the Galileo Spacecraft's camera and approximates what the human eye would see. Most of Io's surface has pastel colors, punctuated by black, brown, green, orange, and red units near the active volcanic centers.