5. Ganymede
Bright-Dark terrain boundary, Ganymede
Region of Ganymede with mix of terrains.
Pedestal craters Gula and Achelous on Ganymede.
Anatomy of a Torn Comet
5. Ganymede

5. Ganymede

Courtesy of NASA


Moon of Jupiter

Diameter: 5,262 km
Orbit Radius: 1,070,410 km
Orbital Period: 7.0 days
Rotational Period: 7.0 days
Average Temperature: -163°C
Max/Min Temperature: -121°C/-203°C
Composition: Icy
Rings: No
Atmosphere: O; O2; O3
Atmospheric Pressure: Trace
Gravity (Earth=1): 0.146
Mass (Earth=1): 0.025
Magnetic Field: Unknown